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KOI World Training Camp

The seminars held prior to the KOI World Cup each year are designed not only to be enjoyable but to impart knowledge and upgrade the skills of all our members. We hold training for our instructors, for the referees, for our students and the competitors. By training together before each Championships they learn the rules of competition and the latest tactics, they get to know each other as friends and colleagues and this in turn instils a great sense of cameraderie among them and helps make the KOI the great family that it is.

KOI Regional Events
As we continue to grow we have added a number of regional events so that our membership can participate in courses and competitions of a high standard and meet their friends in the KOI family. Established events are as follows:

Kobe Osaka Russia Open held in Moscow during the last weekend of March each year. Contact person Kamil Musin musin_k@karate.su

Kobe Osaka United Kingdom Course and Kata Competition held in Linlithgow Scotland in the middle of April each year. Contact person Tommy Morris tommymorris@worldkarate.net

The venue for the 5th Kobe Osaka Asia Open is still to be decided.

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