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A Selection of Photos from KOI 14

The Competition Area

The Congress Buffet

Cameron MacAlister Scotland (facing camera) Boys 11 years old kumite

Costas Papanastasiou KO Greece Vice President

Loh Beng Hooi, Fung Wai Kwan and David Sung Ka Kui

8-9 year old Girls Kata line up

Gojushiho Sho

Scotland, Malaysia and the Philippines pose for a group photo

Tatami Chief Jaap Smaal briefing his Referees and Judges

Boys 8-9 years Kata Jion (Russia)

Anastasiya Rumyantseva winner of the Girls 8-9 years old kata

Kamil Musin receives the traditional costume from Vitaliy Schevchenko of Kazakhstan

The Kata Competition

Kazakhstan competitor listening to advice from his coach

Mr. Mardani (Iran) Judging

Mohey from Egypt working as Tatami Chief

Primoz Debenak taking notes during the Instructor Course

Primoz Debenak and Vlado Derek discuss refereeing procedure

From left to right: Fung Wai Kwan, David Sung Ka Kui, Vlado Derek,
Roland Lowinger, Primoz Debenak, Robert Hamara, Geri Hofs,
Fabio Meini, Steven Morris, Loh Beng Hooi and Jaap Smaal

From left to right: Roland Lowinger, Baskar Sinouvassane, Richard Lim,
Loh Beng Hooi, Fung Wai Kwan, David Sung Ka Kui and Akbar Khyripour

Kata Rohai by Giulia Milizia

Steven Morris working as Kansa

Representing Taiwan at the Congress, Ken, Zoe and Dr. Laura Huang

An unsuccesful throwing attempt

Tommy Morris showing the carpet presented br Mr. Mardani


Gina Ragazzo (Italy) winner of Ladies Veteran Kata


Tommy Morris speaking at the Congress

Young Ali Mardani (Iran) performing Kata Seienchin

Some of our many medals winners



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